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I’m proud to be a member of a larger network of brokers in NZ Travel Brokers.

Alongside their shop front  in Palmerston North, NZ Travel Brokers, Directors Steve Lee and Guy Flynn offer a team of professional Travel Brokers located throughout the country that are available to manage your next business, holiday, group or special interest travel requirement.

Their point of difference is they predominately contract passionate travel experts who are mobile and work from home, like me! This provides flexibility for me to arrange your travel in the hours and place of your choice. As a member of the team of Travel Brokers, I work as an independent business owner, therefore placing customer retention through superior service and satisfaction as paramount.

As a company, NZ Travel Brokers provide me with optimum support and protection. I have a dedicated internal support team, access to the best available prices and am bonded by the Travel Agents Association of New Zealand.

Travel Brokers NZ’s vision and values centre around supporting a skilled and experienced team of Travel Brokers based throughout New Zealand = of which I am proud to be an Independent Taranaki travel broker.

I cover a wide range of expertise including – airfares, accommodation, rental cars, cruising, coach tours, groups & special interest, sightseeing, foreign exchange, travel insurance, visas, passports and many more.
I work from a home office in Inglewood, Taranaki. I am happy to travel to you in New Plymouth, Stratford or around Taranaki. I can also work with you over the phone or email as required.

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