Asia River Cruising – Are You Coming?

asia river cruising

Forget big ship cruising as Asia river cruising is quickly becoming one of the most popular holiday destinations! From sailing around Vietnam, up the Yangtze River to cruising through Burma, Asia is this years must visit destination. Even if you’re a die-hard ocean cruise fan, once you’ve experienced a cruise on one of Asia’s stunning rivers, you’ll be converted forever!

Why Choose Asia River Cruising?

I’m a fan of small, boutique and luxury cruises. While large ocean cruising definitely has its place in the holiday market, I feel that travellers who experience a smaller type cruise actually enjoy themselves more. They are able to visit places the large ocean liners don’t, are treated as people rather than numbers and receive personalised service. As another added advantage, smaller cruises often take place closer to home too and in this case, Asia!

Asia river cruising provides plenty of benefits for you, including:

  • a destination closer to home – you spend time on holiday, not getting to your holiday!
  • lower traveling costs – Asia is often cheaper to travel within than large major tourist destinations in Europe or the USA
  • small and luxurious ships – there’s no way you’re getting lost on a river boat cruise! Effort is put into providing some of the world’s best floating accommodation and service which outperforms major hotels.
  • access to less travelled areas – while traveling to major destinations is still possible, when Asia river cruising you are able to see areas of the world many have never glimpsed.
  • a peaceful and more relaxed holiday – forget long disembarkation lines at every port. On a small vessel cruise there’s no long queues at the ports you wish to visit.
  • ever changing scenery – unlike an ocean cruise, on a river cruise there is always something new to look at.
  • more destination choices – large cruise ships are limited on where they can physically fit. Choosing a river cruise means you can explore destinations which mainstream cruise liners can’t. You remain in the heart of the action and see the everyday life of the Asian countries your river cruise visits.

Asian River Cruise Destinations

The variety of cultures, sounds, tastes, smells and scenery is incredibly varied within Asia. No two countries are the same, nor are their traditions and daily life. Choosing an Asian river cruise gives you the opportunity to experience another way of life, but with the comforts of home surrounding you on your river boat. There are so many wonderful destinations throughout Asia to explore, that I’ve had trouble deciding which ones to share with you. A few of my favourite Asian destinations include:

  • China’s Yangtze River, where Wendy Wu Tours offers some great cruises I can book for you
  • Myanmar (Burma), where you’ll travel along the Irrawaddy River capturing the sights of this amazing destination
  • Vietnam, where you can experience a journey from or to Hanoi

There are plenty of great cruise operators, with Viking and Avalon being two of the bigger names. I would love to help you plan and book your next overseas trip and recommend you seriously consider taking an Asian river cruise. Why don’t we meet up for coffee and discuss your ideas some more? Give me a call on 021 532 904 today!


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