Exploring the Canadian Rockies & Lake Louise

Fancy a train trip to explore the Canadian Rockies, Lake Louise and Banff? I’m about to take you there, well in spirit anyway, right now as you’re reading this. Are you ready? It’s time to explore Canada baby!

Visiting the Canadian Rockies: Why Are They So Great?

The Canadian Rockies are a part of the Rocky Mountains, located in Canada and running from the Canadian Prairies to the Pacific Coast. With Mount Robson and Mount Columbia two of the highest peaks, there is no shortage of magnificent mountain ranges to view. Composed of shale (a type of fine grained rock) and limestone, the impressive variety of views it offers is second to none! There’s hot springs, glacial peaks and National Parks galore! A visit to the Canadian Rockies is a must have on everybody’s bucket list, as far as I’m concerned.

Train Travel Via the Rocky Mountaineer

If you’ve never experienced luxury train travel, then you’re in for a treat. The Rocky Mountaineer is one of the world’s most famous trains and with a luxury experience to boot too. Now, I’m not just saying that to convince you to book, although I think you should – so give me a call! But I truly believe that it offers passengers something they’d never experience anywhere else.

Picture this: you’re seated in a glass topped carriage, giving you unhindered views of gorgeous scenery, wildlife such as bears and moose, amazing food service right to you and the professional expertise of tour guides explaining what you’re seeing as you travel past. If you combine your train journey with an Alaskan cruise, now you’re really talking as you get the best of both worlds.

Exploring Banff and Lake Louise Near the Canadian Rockies

When you travel on the Rocky Mountaineer, you may next want to explore the delightfully quaint and historic town of Banff. It is here you will be able to shop for chocolate ‘bear paws’ at the local chocolate shop. You may even see Mounties on horseback around town. Or you can even hike up Tunnel Mountain, visit the local hot springs and learn more about the pioneering history of the area in the Whyte Museum.

But perhaps a visit to Lake Louise is more up your alley? Lake Louise offers one of the most picturesque views in the world! It sits at the bottom of the Victoria Glacier and it’s blue green palette is one you’ll never forget! Travel up the gondola to the Wildlife Interpretive Centre and you may even see one of the many grizzlies who live around here. Or hire a canoe and enjoy paddling around one of Instagram’s top 10 most photographed places in Canada.

Give me a call on 021 532 904 and let’s meet up for a chat over coffee. I’d love to be able to organise a visit to the Canadian Rockies for you! I’ve just got one question: can I come too? Pretty please?




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