European River Cruising: Highways of the Past

If I can accomplish just one thing, it will be to have you understand that European river cruising is for everyone, not just retirees! It’s one of the most misconceptions that as a New Plymouth travel agent I am forever debunking. Sure, there are some  river cruises in Europe which are more suited or tailored to mature travellers. But there are also ones for younger travellers too. So before you cross off European river cruising from your list of possible travel adventures, take a read of this and understand what it’s really about.

Why Should You Go European River Cruising?

Visiting Europe is high on most traveller’s bucket lists. Paris, Amsterdam or Vienna, there’s something magical about the architecture and cultural charms that have New Zealander’s wanting to visit. Unfortunately, travellers often miss out on seeing large chunks of Europe just because they are not sure what they should see other than the main centres. That’s when river cruising has a huge advantage. Cruising the rivers of Europe is right for you if you want to:

  • experience the ‘real’ European culture outside of the tourist routes
  • enjoy luxurious accommodation without the large price tag
  • have an all-inclusive holiday with no hidden costs or expenses, such as through APT or Uni World
  • experience a more intimate cruise
  • see life outside of the major tourist areas of Europe
  • visit a variety of towns and cities around Europe, without the hassle of packing and unpacking

Unlike an ocean cruise, when river cruising you are surrounded by ever changing scenery. As your riverboat travels on its journey, you will be able to see medieval castles, lush riverbanks, rolling meadows and stunning vineyards. Many of these are not seen by those traveling by car or bus. In fact, it lets you see Europe in an entirely different way: what was seen by those traveling these highways of the past.

Exploring Europe’s Highways of the Past

For centuries, rivers have played the role of Europe’s highways. They were easier to access and travel upon than rough or non existent roads. Therefore, rivers shaped where towns and cities were built. Consequently, many of Europe’s large cities are built along these riverbanks. So, what are the best European river cruises to take? All of them, including the:

  • Danube River
  • Rhine River
  • Moselle River
  • Seine River
  • Rhone River

Are you ready to set sail or learn more about the cost of a river cruise? Get in touch with me today and let’s chat!

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