Travelling with Kids is a Box of Birds!

travelling with kids

Are we there yet? It’s the most common question parents are asked when they’re travelling with kids. It’s also the most annoying, especially since it starts as soon as you’ve left the driveway. So why is it that we take our kids with us on holiday? Is it because we can’t get a babysitter or do we want to take them with us? The truth is, holidays provide amazing teaching moments and experiences they wouldn’t otherwise have. The key is managing your time travelling with kids to make it as pain free as possible.

Top Tips on Travelling with Kids

In my experience as a Taranaki travel broker, I’ve booked many family holidays for travel both around New Zealand and overseas. As a Mum, I myself know how hard it can be to get from point A to point B when all your child wants to do is head to point C! That’s why I’ve put together my top selection of tips to help you when travelling with kids.

  • Take your time – everything is more stressful when you rush. Leave for the airport early to allow for toilet stops and temper tantrums. As a parent, you know that rushing around is no fun, so make sure you have extra time to get to where you’re going.
  • Skimp on the luggage – you are going to need a free hand, so make sure you don’t pack too much. One suitcase per adult is fine, but any more bags will need to be able to be carried on your back.
  • Splurge on accommodation – a poky hotel room is not going to be suitable for kids. Try to book a room with a separate bedroom, so you don’t need to go to bed at 7pm too! Choosing somewhere with free Wi-Fi also gives you entertainment options.
  • Rotate activities – a family holiday is for everyone. Include activities which everyone will enjoy, as well as adult and kid specific ones. By ensuring everyone has fun, everyone stays happy and your family vacation is much more enjoyable.
  • Be prepared – kids get sick all the time and holidays are no exception. Don’t forget to pack the paracetamol! Trying to find a pharmacy at night in a strange city is not be a fun experience.
  • Think safety – invest in a child locater. It’s a two-part wireless device – one part clips to your child’s clothing and the other you hold or it connects to your phone. It’s also a smart idea to write your phone number on your child’s arm in case they get separated from you.

Travel is an amazing experience to share with our children. Take them to famous or popular places, instead of showing them on an iPad. Travelling with children is hard work, but it is well worth it! Give me a call today and let me help you and your family plan your next holiday together.




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