Please note that costs quoted are current as at time of uploading content to the site and will be updated according to current rate at time of quotation date, however, they are subject to increase, withdrawal or alteration by airlines/land operators without notice, prior to all reservations being confirmed and completion of the air ticket process. All arrangements quoted are subject to availability at the time of placing your reservation.
Airport & departure taxes are included in costings as applicable; however, they change daily due to the exchange rate. Please note that additional departure taxes may be applicable at some airports and payable in the local currency directly on departure.
Most airfares and associated land arrangements have strict cancellation and amendment restrictions in place. Travel Insurance will of course cover you against any ‘unforeseen circumstance’ preventing you from travelling as planned.
Travel insurance is strongly recommended to protect you against cancellation penalties and protection against other travel related costs such as medical and baggage expenses whether you are travelling domestic or overseas. Please click on the link below to obtain a quote and purchase your Travel Insurance.

A valid passport is required for your journey; please check your passport is valid for at least 6 months at the completion of travel. The name on your airline ticket must be identical to your passport, therefore, please forward a copy of your passport photo/info page by email or fax if I do not already have your passport details. Most airlines require this information in your booking prior to departure. It is your responsibility to ensure that you hold the correct documentation for your journey. Please contact me should you require assistance.
Please ensure that name(s) on the flight itinerary are the same as they appear in your passport(s). If there are any discrepancies, please advise me immediately so that I can change them for you. If an issued ticket does not match your passport details, airlines will refuse boarding. A fee will be incurred if the reissuing of a ticket is required due to a name or routing change.
All foreign passport holders require a valid re-entry visa for New Zealand. Two blank pages are generally required for all visas or arrival/departure stamps.
Many countries require a current visitor’s visa prior to entry. We are able to assist with visa applications; however it is your individual responsibility to ensure that your passport holds any relevant visas. Please discuss this if you are unsure or if you travel on other than a New Zealand passport as you may require further documentation. All destinations require a visa if you have a criminal conviction or a serious communicable disease. If you have previously been deported from any country it may be a requirement that you contact the Consulates directly or apply in person.
All prices confirmed are subject to be withdrawn or altered until full payment is made. The price is only guaranteed once paid for in full by the client to Bespoke Travel / NZ Travel Brokers. Price changes or increases may occur by reason of matters outside our control, such as currency fluctuations, which increase the cost of the product or service by our suppliers. If this is the case on your booking once it is confirmed, we will endeavour to contact you to pay in full to avoid such increases, where we are given the opportunity by suppliers.
Should your travel plans change, please ensure that you contact your Travel Broker/Consultant or the relevant airline(s), hotel(s) and/or transport operator to amend or cancel existing arrangements. Cancellation/amendment fees may apply or a no-show fee may be applicable if you fail to provide enough notice of cancellation.
All travel undertaken is subject to the applicable airlines ‘Conditions of Carriage’. Please click here to view some key airline websites:
Air New Zealand Qantas Airways Virgin Australia Jetstar Singapore Airlines Lufthansa Cathay Pacific Emirates British Airways Malaysia Airlines Thai Airways United Airlines American Airlines
It is important that we have an after hours phone number for you in case we need to contact you due to flight cancellations or unexpected schedule changes. Please ensure you have provided these before your travel.
Please contact us if you have a previous criminal conviction, as this may affect your travel arrangements. Failure to do so can result in you being denied boarding and/or being turned around at your destination.
Every endeavour is been made to ensure your documents are correct at the time of dispatching, however, please check these carefully and contact us if you have any concerns.
For travel to the USA, Canada and the UK you are required to switch on any electronic devices at the International Airport you are arriving or departing from or risk being denied access to fly. Please ensure that your electronic devices have sufficient power before reaching the airport.
This is part of enhanced security measures required by the authorities of these countries.
All hand luggage is subject to screening. Screening will be done at relevant boarding gates, for flights departing to destinations in the USA, Canada and the UK.
If you need further clarification, please contact the relevant airline(s) direct.
We advise any frequent flyer number(s) displayed on your itinerary to the relevant airlines in the booking; however, we suggest you also present your frequent flyer card at check-in. If you’re frequent flyer details are missing from the first page or are incorrect, please contact your Travel Broker/Consultant who will verify the details in your Traveller Profile for this and any future trips. It is very important that you retain your boarding passes and original ticket or ET receipt as this proof of travel will be required by airlines should any flights not automatically appear on your statement. Most airlines provide a limited timeframe to claim missing points and you will need to forward the original documents to the airline while retaining a copy for yourself. Not all fares earn frequent flyer points. If you require further clarification please contact your Travel Broker/Consultant or view the airline specific information about their programme from their website.
The maximum checked baggage allowance for Air New Zealand and Jetstar vary; see below for the applicable allowances:
Air New Zealand >
Seat Fares NO checked baggage allowance.
Seat + Bag FREE allowance of 1 bag weighing up to 23kgs.
Flexi Time Fares FREE allowance of 1 bag weighing up to 23kgs.
Flexi Plus Fares FREE allowance of 2 bags weighing up to 23kgs each.
Gold, Elite & Koru Members permitted 1 additional bag weighing up to 23kgs.
Jetstar >
Starter & Plus Fares NO FREE checked baggage allowance, however, you have the option to add to your reservation a checked baggage allowance of between 15kg to 40kg for an additional cost.
Max Fares FREE allowance of 1 bag weighing up to 20kgs.
Weight and size restrictions for carry-on luggage vary depending on the airline. Refer to the individual airlines website for the latest information.
Dangerous goods are any substances or articles, which are capable of posing a significant risk to health, safety, property or the environment when transported by air. Accordingly, certain items cannot be packed in your luggage such as: compressed gases; flammable liquids and solids; corrosive materials; poisonous toxic or infectious substances; explosives, etc. Further, some items cannot be included in carry-on luggage such as: sharp objects; knives; weapons or realistic toy replicas; tools, etc.
Weight and size restrictions for checked and carry-on luggage vary depending on the airline, class of travel, route and airport.
Additional fees for baggage may apply, therefore, please refer to the relevant airline(s) website for disclosure of their baggage fees. You will find located on your Electronic Ticket Receipt the hyperlink/address to the relevant airline(s) website. If you require further clarification please contact Katie.
Dangerous goods are any substances or articles, which are capable of posing a significant risk to health, safety, property or the environment when transported by air. Accordingly, certain items cannot be packed in your luggage such as: compressed gases; flammable liquids; corrosive materials; poisonous, toxic or infectious substances; explosives, etc. Further, some items cannot be included in carry-on luggage such as: sharp objects; knives; weapons or realistic toy replicas; tools, etc. For flights to/from or within the USA, please also refer to the Security section for more information.
Additional security measures apply to liquids, aerosols and gels taken as carry-on baggage on board international flights leaving New Zealand. The requirements are as follows:

  • All liquids, aerosols and gels must be in containers of 100ml or less
  • Passengers must carry their 100ml containers in a re-sealable transparent plastic bag of 1 litre volume (this is a re-sealable sandwich bag like those available at your local supermarket)
  • Each passenger, including children, will be allowed to carry-on one, 1 litre transparent plastic bag
  1. The plastic bag must be re-sealable and presented separately from other carry-on baggage at the screening point.

There are exemptions for personal medications, baby products and dietary supplements in liquid, aerosol or gel form. A website has been established by the Ministry of Transport to provide up-to-date information on security measures. Please visit the Flysmart website for further information.
A Britrail Pass provides unlimited travel for the duration and grade of travel you have purchased. Your pass will need to be validated at a Britrail Service Desk at any major railway station on the first day of travel. The duration of the pass you have purchased will run consecutively from this date. Please keep your pass in a safe place, as lost or stolen passes cannot be replaced.
Effective 15 March 2016, visa-exempt foreign nationals who fly to or transit through Canada will need an Electronic Travel Authorisation (eTA).
Exceptions include U.S. citizens and foreign nationals with a valid visa. Canadian citizens, including dual citizens, are not eligible to apply for an eTA, however, are strongly encouraged to travel with a valid Canadian passport.
All travellers must present at the border acceptable travel documents and identification.
Clients who don’t hold the eTA will be denied boarding.
The eTA is valid for 5 years or until passport expiry, and costs CAD7.00 per person.
Refer to for further information.
A Eurail Pass provides unlimited travel for the duration of and the grade of travel you have purchased. Eurail also entitles the holder to extra pass benefits in the European countries where your pass is valid. Please see your Eurail guide for full details. Your pass will need to be validated at a Eurail Service Desk at any major railway station on the first date of travel. The duration of the pass you have purchased will run consecutively from this date. Please ensure you keep your pass in a safe place, as lost or stolen passes cannot be replaced.
We can arrange your Foreign Currency and Cash Passport for you at very competitive rates.
MasterCard Chip & Pin Cash Passport
The MasterCard Cash Passport can be used in over 32 million places worldwide.
The benefits of the product are:
Use the MasterCard in ATM’s, Shops and Online to reduce the amount of cash you need to hold as this is a fully functional card.
Chip & Pin Secure; particularly beneficial if travelling to the UK or Europe as these regions work on Chip & Pin.
Please ensure that you are in possession of the following when travelling:

  • Valid Passport and any applicable Visa’s
    (passport must be valid for at least 6 months at the completion of travel)
  • Electronic Ticket Receipt
  • Completed Departure Card
  • Travel Insurance

Prior to confirming your travel arrangements, please check your passport is valid for at least 6 months at the completion of travel. The name on your airline ticket must be identical to your passport, therefore, please ensure we are able to sight your passport, check the validity, establish if there are any visa requirements and whether a re-entry visa is applicable (important if you are not travelling on a New Zealand passport). These passport checks are your individual responsibility.
Authorities in some countries may require a traveller to obtain a visa for entry into their country where the traveller has a previous criminal conviction or where a contagious disease or serious health problem exists.
Additionally, if you have an unpaid fine or owe reparation, please ensure that you pay any fines before leaving New Zealand as you may be stopped upon leaving or returning to a New Zealand international airport. Refer to the website or telephone 0800 729 677 (PAYORSTAY) for further information.
If we are unable to sight your passport or information of criminal convictions or a serious health problem is not supplied, NZ Travel Brokers will not take any responsibility.
Seat numbers shown on any itinerary have been requested, however, the airline does reserve the right to change them if necessary. Some airlines do not permit pre-seating on all flights.
Prior to departing on international flights, you can expect physical searches of carry-on luggage in addition to x-ray screening. At your destination there may be similar tight security measures in place. Please allow for possible delays at departure and arrival airports. There are restrictions with taking certain items in carry-on luggage. Please refer to the Baggage section for more information.
For any flights to/from or within the USA, the US Transport Security Administration has implemented a stricter checked luggage screening process. You are advised to leave your checked luggage unlocked as security screeners may open your bag as part of their security process. If a bag is locked and needs to be opened, the locks will be cut off. Some of the new screening equipment will damage any undeveloped film packed in checked luggage so carrying it in your carry-on luggage is advisable. More security information about travelling through the United Sates can be obtained through
If you have requested a special meal, your preference will be advised to all airlines in your itinerary offering a meal service, however, it is at the discretion of the airlines(s) whether they will accommodate the request. Last updated 14 April 2016
We recommend that you check the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade Travel Advice website for current advisories, if any, on specific areas to which you may be travelling or alternatively telephone (04) 439 8000.
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Citizens of Visa Waiver Program eligible countries will require a machine readable passport to satisfy the visa waiver entry requirements of the USA. Holders of non-machine readable passports will need to obtain the appropriate US visa before travel. Or if you have children included in your machine readable passport, you should apply for separate machine readable passports for each child to ensure you meet entry requirements. If you are travelling on a New Zealand passport, most are machine readable; however, you can check if it is through the Department of Internal Affairs website If you are travelling on a passport of another Visa Waiver Programme eligible country and are not sure if your passport is machine readable, please contact your local consulate to find out. If you have any questions, please contact us.
All nationals or citizens of Visa Waiver Program (VWP) countries who plan to travel to the United States for temporary business, pleasure or transiting purposes will require an approved ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorisation) prior to boarding a carrier to travel by air or sea to the United States under the VWP.
Important To Note: Travellers can no longer enter the USA under the Visa Waiver Program if they have travelled to or been present in Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria or Yemen on or after 1 March 2011, the US Government has announced. Nationals from VWP countries who are also nationals of any of those countries will not be able to enter under the programme either, effective 21 January 2016, travellers who have valid ESTA’s and also hold dual nationality will have their current ESTA revoked. There are some exemptions, such as for those who travelled to those countries for diplomatic reasons or on behalf of a humanitarian NGO. The US Customs and Boarder Protection say the changes are about ‘maintaining the highest standards of security and border protection’. They have been brought in largely to prevent Europeans who have joined Islamic State and other terrorist groups from entering the USA.
To apply for authorisation to travel to the United States under the VWP, travellers will need to log on to the ESTA web-based system ( and complete an online application providing the biographical and eligibility information currently required on the paper I-94W form.
Applicants must pay an application fee of USD14.00 per person. Payment for an ESTA application must be made by credit card or debit card when applying for or renewing an ESTA. The ESTA system currently accepts the following credit/debit cards: MasterCard, VISA, American Express and Discover. The ESTA application will not be submitted for processing until the payment information is received.
Travellers with an existing approved ESTA will not need to pay the ESTA fee when updating an ESTA application. However, travellers with new passports re-applying for an ESTA will need to pay the ESTA application fee of USD14.00.
ESTA applications may be submitted at any time prior to travel to the United States, and VWP travellers are encouraged to apply for authorisation as soon as they begin to plan a trip to the United States. If an applicant’s destination address or itinerary should change after their authorisation has been approved, they may easily update that information through the ESTA website.
Once an ESTA application has been successfully completed and submitted online, the application will be queried against appropriate law enforcement databases. ESTA application data will remain active for the period of time that the ESTA authorisation is valid.
Even though an ESTA is electronic, we suggest you keep a printed copy with your ticket wallet.
US Customs require airlines to provide them with advance information about all non-US citizen passengers including passport, visa and US address. Please ensure you have the street address, city and zip code of your main intended address in the US when you check-in to avoid delays or being denied boarding.
Certain countries require that travellers be vaccinated against specific diseases. To obtain advice on vaccinations required for the itinerary destination(s) please refer to The Travel Doctor website or contact your local doctor.
The website can be used to view your itinerary by entering the Galileo reference from your itinerary. View your frequent flyer details relevant to this booking, seat requests, information about the cities you are visiting including restaurants, weather conditions, etc. There is also an option to download the itinerary to your electronic diary. Please note that some reservations cannot, by their nature, be made directly through Galileo (our Central Reservation System), i.e. transfers, frequent flyer redemptions, web-based reservations, etc.
If you are waitlisted on a flight and your waitlist clears we will advise you as soon as we are informed. However, if seats are in high demand for the waitlisted flight or our back up option, the airline will generally assume you want the waitlisted flight and may automatically cancel other back up options being held on that route.
TRANSFER IN AUCKLAND (international to domestic)
After clearing Customs & Immigration procedures and collecting your luggage, make your way outside the Customs area and turn to the right for the airline transfer desk, located near the Air New Zealand Premium Check-in area, to check-in for your domestic flight connection if you have at least 1 hour until the flight departs.
After suitable bag tags have been issued, you can utilise ‘bag drop’ used for international travel.
If at any time you need assistance, please seek assistance from one of the Air New Zealand ground staff at the airport.
In the event that your domestic flight departs within 1 hour you should not go to the airline transit desk but directly to the Domestic Terminal. A free transfer shuttle operates between the terminals every 15 minutes and departs from right outside the Arrivals area or alternatively you can walk to the Domestic Terminal following the painted blue line sign posted walkway.
TRANSFER IN AUCKLAND (domestic to international)
On arrival at Auckland, please make your way across to the International terminal. A free transfer shuttle operates between the terminals every 15 minutes and departs from right outside the Arrivals area or alternatively you can walk to the International Terminal following the painted blue line sign posted walkway.
Retail therapy in the shops of Sydney, Melbourne or the Gold Coast is popular with a lot of New Zealanders. It can be even better if you know how to claim back the GST you have paid on your return journey home. Australia’s GST of 10% on most goods and services was introduced in the year 2000. A Tourist Refund Scheme lets you claim back the tax at Australian airports and seaports; however, you must meet the following criteria:

  • The refund is paid on goods costing AUD 300.00 or more from the same store, purchased no more than 60 days before departure from Australia. The AUD 300.00 can be a total made up of lower-priced items, but they should all appear on the same invoice.
  • You need to have a Tax Invoice from the shop which includes the date and price of purchase, the Australian Business Number (ABN) of the retailer, the GST amount, a description of the goods and words “Tax Invoice”. You may have to ask for this at the time you make your purchase.
  • The Customs Staff at the TRS refund booths need to see the goods. Since the booths are sited on the aircraft/ship side of passport control, this means you need to carry or wear the goods on board. However, effective from 31 March 2007, in regards to liquids, aerosols and gels you are prevented from doing so onto the aircraft or ship when you leave Australia. Refunds can be credited to your credit card, an Australian bank account or a cheque can be forwarded to you.

The scheme does not apply to anything you have bought from Duty Free shops or unaccompanied items. If goods are unable to be viewed at the TRS counter on departure then the goods may be presented to a customs clearing counter prior to check-in procedures. The customs officer in the clearing office has the discretion to refuse to stamp the receipt if they believe the goods are going to be exported or it’s not possible for the goods to be carried on board.
Note: Please give yourself sufficient time to get through Customs. You may have to queue at the TRS refund booth, and to ensure flights depart on schedule, Customs will not process refund claims within 30 minutes of a flight departure time.
For further information, refer to the Australian Customs and Boarder Protection Services website.
These terms and conditions may not be fully comprehensive and are intended to be a guide only, in conjunction with the specific conditions relating to your travel arrangements and the various service providers. By submitting a contact form via Katie Bishop Travel you will automatically be subscribed to our monthly Bespoke Travel inspiration e-news, should you wish to unsubscribe at any time, please email us.