Planning a Road Trip in Europe, America, NZ or Australia?

There’s nothing quite like planning a road trip. A car or campervan loaded with supplies, a carefully planned route and accommodation sorted, there’s lots to consider before you go. One of the most important decisions is which country you’ll road trip in, followed by the route itself. Short or long, I’ve put together a list of seven of the best road trips in Europe, Australia, America and New Zealand. I’ve also included my top tips on planning a road trip too.

7 of the World’s Best Road Trips

It was hard to limit it to just seven, but here are my favourite road trips of all time.

  1. La Route Des Grandes Alpes, France
  2. Travel over seventeen mountain passes through the French Alps, but only in summer! Start your trip at the French Riviera and journey through 684km of some of Europe’s highest roads until you reach Lake Geneva.
  3. Stelvio Pass, Italy
  4. An adventurous drive, experience 48 hairpin turns along these 48km of road bordering the Swiss and Italian border. Only open during summer, the drive between Bormio and Stilfs (Stelvio) is incredible!
  5. Route 66, America
  6. One of America’s most well-known road trips, Route 66 is no longer a designated highway. You can still travel parts of it though, following a similar path to the original highway. You will drive around 3800km through small town America, experiencing a retro blast from the past.
  7. Pacific Coast Highway, America
  8. Highway 1 between San Francisco and San Diego is a winding ribbon of road of around 1000km. See old Spanish mission towns, wine regions, the beach communities of Venice and Malibu, along with plenty of panoramic views of jagged mountains and pounding surf.
  9. Hidden Highway, UK
  10. Travel through a traditional English countryside and get your fill of drystone fences, rose clad cottages and green fields! This 280km road trip takes you along the Welsh and English border from Ross-on-Wye to Chester.
  11. Southern Scenic Route, NZ
  12. Down the South Island there is an amazing road trip of around 610km. Journey from Dunedin, through Fiordland until you reach Queenstown seeing plenty of waterfalls, snow covered peaks and native forests.
  13. Great Ocean Road, Australia
  14. A coastline road trip between Geelong and Warrnambool, this 275km drive is amazing. Experience cliff-hugging curves, rainforests and beautiful seascapes.

Tips on Planning a Road Trip

Here’s a collection of my best road trip tips:

  • Clean your vehicle before and during your trip
  • Take time to explore the back roads
  • Join a roadside rescue service
  • Keep all your documents together in one place
  • Create an itinerary before you go
  • Get a spare key, or two!
  • Organise a fuel card

Time to Plan Your Road Trip?

I’d love to chat with you over a coffee about your road trip ideas! Send me a message today and we’ll book a time and place which suits you.





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