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Few places in the world can appeal to such varied tastes for a perfect vacation as the islands of Hawaii.

From Auckland we have both Air NZ and Hawaiian airlines offering direct flights into Honolulu. Either as your end holiday destination or a stopover en-route Hawaii has much more than just pristine beaches to offer.
Honolulu is the vibrant epicentre of Hawaii. Here you’ll find everything from historic landmarks and treasured monuments to world-class shopping and a flourishing arts and culture scene. Home to the majority of Oahu’s population, the sprawling city of Honolulu spreads throughout the south-eastern shores of Oahu, from Pearl Harbor to Makapuu Point, encompassing world famous Waikiki.
Visit the historic landmarks of Hawaii and learn about the rich culture of the islands. Explore off-the-beaten-path destinations, from hidden beaches to small towns that you won’t find on a postcard. Learn to surf, snorkel or kayak and earn your Hawaii suntan. And don’t forget to go to an authentic luau where you can get a taste of Hawaiian culture and watch the art of the hula.

You’ll find the itineraries on Hawaii are endless. From cruising the islands to driving around the one island of Oahu; From romantic escapades to family fun; from whale watching to walking on a volcano; you can do it all or you can simply sit back and do nothing. Explore Hawaii’s six unique islands and you’re sure to find you’ll want to return for more!

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