why use a travel broker to visit France7 Reasons to Use a Travel Broker

  • Have your very own dedicated local travel professional who will understand your travel requirements and give you expert guidance based on your needs, not everyone else’s.
  • The security of knowing your Travel Broker is TAANZ Bonded IATA accredited and has the support of one of New Zealand’s largest Travel Broking companies. NZ Travel Brokers in turn is a shareholder of the First Travel Group, New Zealand’s leading independent travel alliance.
  • Be able to personally call at anytime for urgent travel arrangements, giving you peace of mind that they are available to solve any issues that you may have. We’re not some impersonal call centre voice which might be hundreds of kilometres away.
  • Have many years of travel industry experience to call on
  • Have ease of access/one stop shopping. We can visit you and consult at your business or home – the time saving is all yours. We save you time and money by handling all aspects of your trip.
  • We work for you, our customer, not for the airline or any other travel supplier. Our only objective is to get you the best value and satisfy you completely so you will come back and see us again.
  • Have us as a customer advocate. If you experience any problems during your trip we will act on your behalf to put things right.
  • See that we are not some anonymous website. We’re a local business – you know how to reach us and who we are.

So you if you want that personalised travel experience give me a call on 021 532 904 or email on katie@nztravelbrokers.co.nz

“Without a Travel Broker you’re on your own.”